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Our Services Second to none! All of BTW Technical Services are sometimes compiled into annual maintenance contracts, giving attention to our customers needs. Second to none! All of BTW Technical Services are sometimes compiled into annual maintenance contracts, giving attention to our customers needs; our engineers will always ensure you presidential service. Below are our services and offers you the finest in home services.

Implementation of GSM In-building Solution

  • Over View
  • Site Survey
  • Quantity Of Material
  • RF Cable Installation
  • Splitter installation
  • Antenna Installation
  • Connectors installation
  • Labeling
  • VSWR Measurement
  • Cleaning up The site
  • As built Submission
  • Comparison between As built and Schematics
  • Site report and Folder submission.
  • PAT Acceptance


IBS, It is a process where we radiate adequate mobile signal of a particular mobile operator in that entire building by using Distributed Antenna System to avoid Call drop, Bit error rate, poor signal and no network Coverage.

Site Survey

Conduct technical survey and inspection for In-Building-Solution (IBS) GSM to determine the location planned for installation of DAS ITEMS as per floor Plan and Schematic diagram. The below points are to be highly considered while doing the survey of the site.

  • Access Requirement
  • Store to keep Material at site
  • Availability of cable tray/cable path
  • Openings required if The False ceiling is already completed in the Building.
  • Antenna and Splitter location is to be checked and confirmed that no other items are at the same position.

Quantity Of Material

Report to the Customer, the receiving of Material quantity form ware House

RF Cable installation

Pulling the RF cable (1/2” Foam, 7/8” or 1-5/8” Cable) as per Designed to connect each Antenna to the Splitter, Splitter to Splitter and BTS to Splitter

  • Cable should be neatly Cable tied at every Mtr.
  • Cable should be clamped if there is no Cable tray
  • Cable Should be Marked along with names to identify the cable easily.
  • VSWR Measurement of all Cables ( Along with Antenna connected ) must be noted down during installation

Splitter Installation

Install the splitter as per Design; Make sure to have Permanent access at this location for future maintenance.

Antenna Installation

Fix The Antenna at Designed location, below are sample of Antenna

Directional Antenna

Omni Directional Antenna

Connectors Installation

Use the Connectors as per planned to connect all the DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) Items.


Label the Antenna, splitter, and Cable as per the standard of operator.

Taking Pictures

We should take all the pictures of all the devices which we are installing in the site in order to report the installation details and location details to the customer and to show that we reached the standers which they required.

VSWR Measurement

In order the check our cabling and connectivity after completion of each segment we need to take the VWSR reading by Using the Site Analyzers and need to fix the problem if we find during the testing.

our projects

  • Abdul Al-MajidSharjahTower, 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Tower W07
  • BurjAl-KhaleefaParking Basement
  • OberoiTower Business Pay Road Dubai
  • Marina Mall Dubai Sky Coat Tower 1, 3
  • Al-MakhtoomInternational Airport Terminal-4 (Air Show)
  • Boulevard Tower Dubai
  • Dubai Police GHQ Dubai
  • International Airport Terminal-1 Dubai
  • Marina Panicle Dubai

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